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Top 10 Traditional Food of Azerbaijan Baku 2023

Azerbaijan traditional food is a fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian influences it has numerous parallels to Armenian and Turkish cuisines. Many dishes have the same name or the same root.

Azerbaijani food cuisine is closer to middle eastern cuisine. that is due to the taste and preparation of the dishes and adding of dark spice and flavor additives. contemporary, Azerbaijani cuisine retains the traditional methods of preparing dishes while incorporating modern cooking.

Today, with the experience of our food blogger, we will discuss our top 10 most traditional food of Azerbaijan Baku, 2023 that you can’t resist.

1. Shah Palov – Traditional Azerbaijan Food Rice Dish

traditional food of Azerbaijan Baku

It refers to “crown pilaf” and is also known as shah plov khan plov, a dish worthy of a king. perhaps simply the main course of a wedding ceremony. shah Plov is a traditional Azerbaijani meal, that infuses with a medley of local aromas.It goes through several stages of preparation before reaching its distinctive final shape. it is the most lavish dish in Azerbaijan’s traditional food cuisine. Basmati rice is half-cook in a big pot of water before and then transfer to a pot, the big pot has a butter coating. You can infuse Saffron rice with lamb, chicken, and nuts. 

Dried mixed dry fruits such as apricots, sour cherries, golden raisins, and prunes are also parts of the ingredients. Baking it entirely makes the spices and sweetness saturate the rice. Shah plov is the size of a small drum. It is available at most tourist-friendly restaurants in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital as it is the traditional food of Azerbaijan Baku.

2. Buglama – Traditional Azerbaijan Stewed Lamb

Buglama- traditional stewed lamb

the name of the dish means “steam” and refers to the fact that the lamb cooks in its own juices. buglama is a popular Azerbaijani food and a Georgian dish. it consists of a stew of lamb pieces with onions, tomatoes, peppers a variety of spices. it also includes black pepper and bay leaves in a small amount of liquid. although lamb is the most common option. it is not unusual to prepare buglama with fish chicken, beef, or tofu if you are a vegetarian.

preparing the meal over an open fire is the best way to cook it.

those families who leave the city prepare for the weekend to spend time in nature. Buglama goes well with a ‘shepherd’s salad’. you can make it out of fresh summer vegetables. vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, and green bell pepper, and greens such as coriander, dill, mint, basil, and white goat cheese). Buglama is a hearty Azerbaijan traditional food that families all around the country enjoy preparing and eating.

3. Yarpaq Dolmasi – Stuffed Grape Leaves

Yarpaq Dolmasi – Stuffed Grape Leaves

Yarpaq dolmasi is Almost Azerbaijan’s traditional dish as well as its national dish. it is a savory meal. it consists of vine leaves stuffed with meat, onions, rice, salt pepper, butter, and fresh herbs such as coriander. Dolmas are more than simply filled grape leaves in Azerbaijan.

People also fill it with artichokes, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, or cabbage to make Dolmas or sarmas. Dolmas filled with rice, onions, herbs, and ground lamb or beef is another delicious alternative. dolma belongs to a family of dishes from the cuisines of the former ottoman empire. It is also related to neighboring regions such as Russia middle east the Caucasus and central and south Asia.

4. Gutab – Stuffed Flat Breads

gutab- stuffed flat breads

Gutab is one of the most famous dishes in Azerbaijani food. similar in shape to a quesadilla, a paper-thin dough stuffed with a variety of ingredients and usually baked. traditionally, Azerbaijani people cook gutab on a Saj, a traditional Azerbaijani frying pan (a convex iron griddle).

A large frying pan that turns upside down is an alternative to saj. However, it only functions with gas stoves. Azerbaijani people don’t use fat or butter for the preparation of Qutab.

5. Layula Kebab – Traditional Ground Meat Dish

layula kebab- traditional ground meat dish

Layula kebab is a unique kebab variety popular throughout the Caucasus region. this Azerbaijan traditional dish typically consists of ground lamb, combines with finely chopped onions. after seasoning with salt and pepper, grilling and skewering take place. other types of meat such as fish and poultry are alternatives to lamb in the preparation of Layula.

The practice of kneading the meat that it gets thicker and does not break apart is what distinguishes this kebab. The dish goes back to the second century in the great Roman historian Pliny, and the famed Roman scientist Ptolemy.

Layula goes well with grilled veggies, thinly sliced onions, sumac, and lavash.

6. Soyutma – Slow Cooked Beef

Soyutma-slow-cooked beef

Soyutma, or long and slow-cooked beef, is Azerbaijan traditional food. In Azerbaijani cuisine, there are two variations of the dish; one with lamb meat and one with chicken meat. The beef in water simmers for a long period and it is usually the main meal or a side dish.

Sliced tomatoes and raw onion rings is a traditional decoration and a dollop of sour cream is frequently sprinkled on top of the meat before serving.

7. Dovga – Yoghurt And Herb Soup

Dovga- yogurt and herb soup

Dovga is prepared by cooking yogurt with a variety of fresh herbs such as dill mint and coriander it is the traditional food of Azerbaijan Baku. It is served either cold in the summer’s refreshment or warm in the winter if it’s served chilled it is often ladled into traditional deep bowls that we call casa. Then we place casa right next to the serving plates for the main dish. 

One of the intriguing aspects of this dish is that you can eat it both in the winter and in the summer due to the cooling effect supplied by the yogurt in many Middle Eastern cuisines, including lassi, a cooling condiment for curry (both from India), and tzatziki, a delicious yogurt, cucumber, and garlic Greek combo people use this component.

  the Caspian Sea has given Azerbaijan a vast variety of fish, the most prevalent one for Kebab is the sturgeon. Baku is famous for its Baliq Shashlik, which distinguishes by the marinating mixture’s dill and lemon flavors. Tomatoes, red onions, and lemon wedges make great side dishes with this Kebab.

8. Fish Kebab- Baliq Kebab

baliq kebab- fish kebab

“Baliq” means “fish in general” in Azeri, and while It’s difficult to discuss Kebab without discussing Azerbaijanis’ Baliq Shashlik, many consider this meal to be the greatest Azerbaijan traditional food in the country.

 Baliq is a popular Azerbaijani kebab consisting of any firm rich fish which goes through several processes of marination, skewering and then grilling.

In Azerbaijan, sturgeon from the Caspian Sea is the most common fish ingredient. it is the most common choice for baliq. the fish is diced into chunks which are then typically marinated in a combination of chopped dill, lemon juice, and salt.

The Caspian Sea has given Azerbaijan a vast variety of fish, the most prevalent one for Kebab is the sturgeon. Baku is famous for its Baliq Shashlik, which distinguishes by the marinating mixture’s dill and lemon flavors. 

Tomatoes, red onions, and lemon wedges make great side dishes with this Kebab.

9. Shirin Plov – Traditional Sweet Rice

Shirin plov- traditional sweet rice

Shirin Plov is one of Azerbaijan traditional dishes. Pilaf or Plov is the signature dish of Azerbaijani food cuisine. people eat it on special occasions. in Azerbaijan, people call it Ash or Plov. The rice in Azerbaijani Pilaf should never be sticky. Shirin Plov, which means sweet pilaf, is usually served with sweet dried fruits such as apricots and raisins.

Shirin plov’s baking procedure starts on top of a Gazmag layer just like others. In this, the ingredients switch out for chestnuts and seasonal dried fruits like apricots, raisins, or black plums.

Despite its sweet flavor, Shirin Plov is frequently served as a typical Azerbaijani lunch food. people serve it alongside some Kebab or grilled meat rather than as a dessert. You may also serve it as a vegan main dish.

Furthermore, the typical rice they use for Azerbaijani Plov is Basmati rice, a type of long, slander-grained rice. it has a distinct scent and flavor.

10. Badambura – Pastry Stuff with Almond

Badambura – Pastry stuff with almond

While “Bura” often refers to a pie and “Badam” refers to an almond, Badambura is more complicated. It does have some distinction for its name among the most famous Azerbaijan traditional foods. Badambura is a pastry consisting of many flaky dough layers filled with almonds with cardamom and vanilla flavour. they bake it till the crust is light golden brown.

This delicious pastry links with Nowruz. Though generally, sugar icing is the topping of this dish, Badambura is a less sweet alternative than the previous one.

This a delicious pastry that is also linked with Nowruz. Though it is generally topped with icing sugar, Badambura is a less sweet alternative than the previous delight.

So, for your convenience, here is a complete list of all Azerbaijani foods covered in this article.

Bring this list of Azerbaijan traditional food with you when you visit so you can try one or more of these popular and traditional dishes.

  1. Shah Plov- a rice dish
  2. Baglama- traditional stewed lamb
  3. Yarpaq Dolmaci- minced lamb mixed with rice stuffing
  4. Gutab- stuffed flatbreads
  5. layula kebab- traditional ground meat dish
  6. Soyutma-slow-cooked beef
  7. Dovga- yogurt and herb soup
  8. baliq kebab- fish kebab
  9. Shirin plov- traditional sweet rice
  10. Badambura – Pastry stuff with almond

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