Top 10 street food of Makkah

Top 10 Street Food of Makkah 2022

Indeed, food has a great importance in our lives but it’s the good food that tops the table (pun intended). Abdul Malik Fareed has to be your favorite YouTuber and content creator if you love food more than…may be…your favorite dress? With vlogs and videos that show the street food and hidden treasures of food in the holy city of Makkah, Abdul Malik Fareed has made many mouthwatering videos that give you the taste of delicious street food of Makkah. Let’s explore the top 10 street foods of Makkah through the lens of Abdul Malik Fareed. 

The Traditional Food- Mandi And Siri Mandi

Abdul Malik Fareed has made so many videos on Mandi that the viewers can officially count it as his favorite. And who doesn’t love Mandi, anyway? The exquisite street food that has the meat of goat, chicken, or lamb in an underground pit that generates a lot of heat. The rice that is also part of this street food is kept below the Tandoor and cooked. It is the spices that make it extraordinarily tasteful and full of flavor. Explore the making of Mandi in various videos of Abdul Malik Fareed and relish the taste of the street food of Makkah.

Enjoy Shafout While Roaming In The Streets Of Makkah

This traditional appetizer food is a nice dish  that you can enjoy even after getting tired of roaming in the streets. Abdul Malik Fareed has depicted the making of Shafout or Shafouta in such a way that it can compel its viewers to even try to make it at their homes. This street food as shown by Abdul Malik Fareed is basically made of bread mixed with mint leaves, bell pepper, parsley, lemon juice, garlic, chili pepper, and garnished with your favorite fruit. 

Mutabbaq- The Pure Taste Of Arab

This tasty snack is the most common as well as favorite food item of everyone who tastes it once. Undoubtedly, the most important snack in Ramadan,  Mutabbaq can be found in every food street of Makkah. Abdul Malik Fareed has glorified its importance in his videos too. It is a kind of stuffed paratha made with the stuffing of minced meat. The traditional Arab spices and herbs makes it extra tasty and favorite of pilgrims visiting Makkah for Hajj and Umrah.

Kebabs and Tikkas

Arabic street food can never be completed without the mention of flavorful kebabs and Tikkas that are truly the pride of every street food. Abdul Malik Fareed has also shown some of the best places to get the mouthwatering kebabs and tikkas so that you can munch on it and satisfy your tastebuds

Areeka- A Mandatory Dessert Of Arabs

Everybody waits for desserts because they make a meal complete and satisfy our heart with its sweetness. Areeka is the traditional food that is now the favorite street food of Arabs. Its sweetness melts the hearts of every adult and kid. Areeka gets its sweetness from the mashed dates along with bread and is made as a delicious base. Milk plays an important role in making it healthy and delicious. It is also topped with multiple toppings like condensed milk, honey. And spices. Explore Abdul Malik Fareed videos to get the perfect idea!

Masoub- The Sister Sweet Dish

Add the healthiness of banana into Areeka and you have the twisted sister sweet dish of Areeka to relieve your taste bud. Watch their process of making in the beautiful videos of Abdul Malik Fareed.

Tameez Roti- The Traditional Arabic Bread

Abdul Malik Fareed has relished the taste of Tameez roti to the fullest. Have Tameez roti with beans, cheese and lentils and enjoy this common street food of the Middle East. This special bread is made has a special way to bring the taste of Arabia in every bite.

Fine Fishes In The Streets Of Makkah

Yeah …you read that right!  The fine and exquisite taste of fishes can be found in the streets of Makkah and in the videos of Abdul Malik Fareed. Cooked in two styles, the fishes are generally deep fried or baked in an oven in the street shops. Explore the video of Abdul Malik Fareed to watch different kinds of fishes and their making.


This traditional street food has gained popularity all around the world. The cooking style of meat is the same as in Mandi or another method called madghut that includes the use of a pressure cooker. 



This street food is an amazing dish prepared with white rice cooked with meat broth and milk. Enjoying your party time with Saleeg is the guarantee of good times!

Spend your leisure hours with Abdul Malik Fareed to know about Arab cuisine in the most interesting way!

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