What Are The Most Popular Foods in Qatar & Doha?

Abdul Malik Fareed has explored the popular food in Qatar Doha that can help many people. If you are planning a trip to Qatar and are very eager to try the traditional dishes of Qatar then do not forget to watch videos of Abdul Malik Fareed. The videos depict the journey from the flight experience to visiting Old Qatar and more. Before you explore his videos, let’s read about some food items that will satisfy your taste buds and also make you enjoy the real food of Qatar and Doha.

1 - Majboos: One of the best Qatari traditional Dishes

It is prepared slowly and carefully to bring in utmost richness. People of Qatar are incredibly patient when it comes to cooking because the end product is always worth the wait!

The actual components are straightforward: rice with either lamb or chicken. But the secret ingredient that gives the dish its distinctive flavor and brings you as close to heaven as possible is the magical concoction of spices. It is a Qatari dish that is liked by all around the world.

2 - Shawarma: Most popular foods in Qatar and Doha

Shawarma is one of the most famous meals in the Middle East and has gained popularity all over the world. It is prepared a little differently by the best restaurants in Qatar.

The choices available go much beyond basic chicken or beef. They serve shawarma shrimp and fish as well.

3 - Madrouba: served by all the best restaurants in Doha

This is one of the most popular foods in Qatar and Doha. Madrouba  can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. It consists of chicken, milk, butter, and hail, also known as cardamom, which is a common ingredient in Qatar.

4 - Balaleet: One of the Qatari traditional dishes enjoyed on Eid

Balaleet consists of vermicelli rice noodles, sugar, saffron, and eggs.

Are you also not sure about its combination? Well, you must try it and savor it. You won’t believe how tasty this meal is! Believe us! Balaleet is typically consumed on Eid al Fitr, the holiday that follows the fasting month of Ramadan.

5 - Umm Ali: one of the most popular foods in Qatar and Doha

Although it has its roots from Egypt, this sweet delicacy is very well-liked by the people of Qatar and Doha.

It’s a bread-based delicacy with milk and cinnamon, that makes this sweet dish so tasteful. Other ingredients, such as sugar and nuts, are also used and varied by the likeness of people . If you still have room for dessert, it is what you are looking for!

6 - Kunafa: one of the most popular foods in Qatar and Doha

This cuisine is one that you must be familiar with, but in Qatar, kunafa is ! It is common for Qataris to serve kunafa during events or social gatherings. It is a Qatari dish that can be served in a variety of events that include but are not limited to weddings, funerals, bridal showers, Iftaar and suhoor in Ramadan, breakfast, picnics, and more.

If you haven’t tried it, it is incredibly sweet and is available in two types. They are:

Kunafa naa’ma & Kunafa Kheshna

a soft variety called kunafa naa’ma and a tougher one called kunafa kheshna. Both Kheshna and Naa’ma are utter bliss. But if you are looking for crunch in your snack, you for Kunafa Kheshna!

7 - Luqaimat: A delicacy of Qatar

Luqaimat, a dessert that is loved by the people in Qatar. It is always sure to fulfill one’s sweet craving with perfection. These gorgeous things have a crunchy outside and a fluffy interior.

Luqaimat is deep-fried and then covered in sweet syrup. It is also scented with saffron and hail. Hail, as you read above, is the Arabic word for cardamom. And it is frequently topped with sesame seeds to give the flavor even more depth. Ah! Mouthwatering, isn’t it?

8 - Karak: A Qatar tea that you cannot resist!

Karak, the most loved beverage in Qatar and Doha. There are numerous karak stores open throughout Qatar due to its amazing popularity.

It’s a particular variety of Qatari tea made with milk, sugar, and cardamom. In order to optimize the flavor, it is boiled three times. Also, it has a very refreshing aroma!

It does come with a tedious process though! Its components must be boiled three times all at once, and any shortcuts will drastically alter the final flavor. So don’t forget to take some sips when you visit Qatar!

9 - Qahwa: Another popular drink in Qatar and Doha

Qahwa with hail, sometimes referred to as coffee with cardamom, is the second most popular beverage. You’re probably thinking that these Qataris truly adore their cardamom. Yes, they do, in fact! Given that it takes some getting used to, this coffee might not become a quick favorite to many people who do not hail from Qatar. Cardamom and green coffee beans are used to make it and the method of serving it is distinctive as well. It is typically served in little cups without handles and is poured from dallah that is a kind of special pot.

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