Traditional food of Makkah and Madina

The Traditional Food of Makkah and Madina 2022

Have you ever wondered at what exactly shows up at your screen while scrolling social media? If it’s food and travel, then the name Abdul Malik Fareed will be familiar to you definitely! Abdul Malik Fareed has been making food and travel vlogs that have been hitting million views on YouTube and Facebook in no time! Get the taste of traditional food of Makkah and Madina  and informative vlogs of Abdul Malik Fareed.


Traditional food of Makkah

Abdul Malik Fareed roams into the lanes of Makkah to show his viewers the famous as well as unexplored places that serve the traditional food of Arabia. There are many informative blogs of Abdul Malik Fareed that tell the tale of exquisite Arab food in the most simplified way to the non-Arabs. The viewers can get on his YouTube page with his name Abdul Malik Fareed and enjoy the treat with their eyes. Let’s explore the traditional food of Makkah through the lens of Abdul Malik Fareed.

The Yamani taste of Shafout

The viewers can see Abdul Malik Fareed enjoying the taste of Shafout in Makkah in his videos. This appetizer can be found in streets of Makkah and can be a glorified dish at your iftar table. Loved by all, Shafout is made with a flatbread that is soaked in tangy hot sauce and garnished with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. Ah! Can you feel your taste buds tingling? You can get one at Am Qasim restaurant as mentioned by Abdul Malik Fareed. 

The Arabic taste of Mutabbaq

Relic the taste of truly traditional- Mutabbaq! This everyday snack of Makkah can be enjoyed anytime. It becomes a favorite of pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah. Abdul Malik Fareed has shown his ardent love for these traditional food items in his vlogs. He has also shown the process of making Mutabbaq for all those people who want to bring this traditional arab food in their home or cook it in some desi style! Mutabbaq is a kind of stuffed paratha that is stuffed with minced meat. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Get the taste virtually in the vlogs of Abdul Malik Fareed. 

Areeka- the favorite dessert

Food is incomplete without the perfect dessert. As somebody has rightly said that:

Dessert is an opportunity to make something beautiful as well as delicious.

And what can be a better dish than Areeka! One of the most loved dishes in Ramadan, Areeka is made with the crushed dates and breads that are topped with condensed milk, cashews and lots of cream. It can also be topped with milk, honey, spices, and more. Want to make the best Areeka? Explore the vlog of Abdul Malik Fareed to get an idea!


Make your dessert more worthy by adding healthy ingredients such as bananas. It takes away your guilt of enjoying a lot of dessert by adding a pint of healthy fruit. Made with mashed banana and bread grinded in a grinder, masoub can be a type of Areeka with banana. Abdul Malik Fareed has shown the making of Masoub so that you can try it at home if you want!

Sobia Drink- a perfect pack of coolness

One of the most loved drinks in Arabia, Sobia drink is loved by all. It is usually prepared from bread, oats, or barley. This drink quenches the thirst immediately and refreshes with its ultimate cooling effect! It is served cold and is a mandatory member of the iftar table during Ramadan

Traditional Food of Madina

Madina – a place like no other and so is the traditional food. Many traditional dishes of Madina have been loved by people so much that they are being made miles away. However, we can enjoy its true taste in none other than Madina!

The Mandatory Mandi

Abdul Malik Fareed’s video features chef’s market which is the hub for Mandi or Siri Mandi. This traditional food of Arabia is cooked in a pit underground and then covered with spices. It is served with  rice. The process of its making is worth watching. Get the full experience of making Mandi in the vlog of Abdul Malik Fareed.


The Feasting on Fishes

The traditional food comprises fishes cooked in two styles. Abdul Malik Fareed has captured both the ways. One way is cooking the fish in the oven and another is deep frying. Don’t forget to try Hareed whenever you go to Madina!

All-Time Favorite Boti Kabab

The traditional food also includes the Boti kabab and tikkas that one can enjoy anywhere. The food streets of Madina are filled with these so that the travelers enjoy the exquisite taste of food while they’re traveling!

Explore the vlogs of Abdul Malik Fareed to get the insights on traditional food of Madina and Makkah.

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