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Explore through the lens of Abdul Malik Fareed blogs and wander in the streets of Makkah, Madina, Pakistan, and many other places through his YouTube and Facebook videos. The exceptionally presented videos are a treat to eyes for all the viewers. No wonder he makes his subscribers wait with Hawk eyes to watch the videos. He has crossed the mark of millions of views on many of his videos. And also, the number of subscribers, likes, and views are continuously growing! 

Abdul Malik Fareed features the best street food in his videos. Along with giving the details on food, his videos are very informative about the direction too. Meaning, you can stand at the most famous places in Makkah and Madina and can reach the best street food following his directions. That’s like cherry on cake, isn’t it? Explore his videos if you crave for delicious sweet dishes or for the traditional arabian food made with special Arabian spices. Abdul Malik Fareed also shows the process of making in detail so that the interested users can try make it those dishes at home. Explore the best street food through his videos so that you don’t skip the best ones when you visit Makkah and Madina.


The YouTube and Facebook videos of Abdul Malik Fareed also show the Ziyarat places, Hajj and Umrah, and beautiful masjids. The best thing about the videos of Abdul Malik Fareed is that it’s never an empty gallery. The viewers always gets to know about the rich Islamic history, important events, and details about the times of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and after. 

This digital creator will make your glue to the screen whenever you get notifications of his videos. Visit his website, Facebook or YouTube page, or read the Abdul Malik Fareed blogs blogs to know about him better!